Solder Paste Stencils for use in SMT Assembly

At Kasdon, we are highly experienced in the supply of solder paste stencils for use in Surface Mount Assembly. Our objective is to exceed your expectations by providing you with solder stencils of the highest quality, with competitive prices matched by exceptional service.
We seek to achieve rapid turnaround together with efficient production of solder paste stencils to meet the different technical and commercial demands of our customers.

We offer either ‘chemically etched’ stencils or ‘laser cut’ solder stencils for fine pitch devices. A summary of our solder paste stencil services can be described as follows:

solder paste stencilsProduction Methods

  • Laser Cut
  • Chemically Etched


  • Modification of stencil data to customer specification
  • Pattern step & repeat for multiple imaging


Tension levelled stainless steel or nickel silver suitable for a range of solder paste stencils and PCB solder temperature in the following standard thicknesses:

  • 0.125mm ( 0.005″)
  • 0.150mm ( 0.006″ )
  • 0.200mm ( 0.008″ )
  • 0.250mm (0.010″ )
  • 0.400mm ( 0.016″ )

Technical details:

  • Aperture width better than +/- 0.008mm ( 0.0003″)
  • Positional accuracy +/- 0.005mm (0.0002″)
  • Minimum aperture width 0.050mm (0.002″)


Solder paste stencils are usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days from receipt of your manufacturing information. However, for urgent requirements, we can organise a ’24 hour turnaround’ or even arrange a ‘while you wait’ service.

Our way of measuring the thickness of our solder stencils has a high degree of accuracy as we always take the greatest of care with our solder paste height inspections.

Please contact us regarding your Solder Paste Stencil Requirements.