Meet The Team

Kasdon has a growing team and many skilled staff working in the design and factory areas. Here are some of the key people you’re likely to meet when working with us.

Steve Stockley, Managing Director of Kasdon Electronics

Steve Stockley

Managing Director

Tel: 07973 194723

Responsibilities: • Executes the company strategy
• Develops and initiates revenue growth strategies
• Leads the team to meet and exceed goals and objectives
• To promote healthy internal culture that will retain key employees and encourages their professional development
• Oversees customer & supplier accounts to ensure smooth flow of business relationships
• Formulate company growth and investment strategies

Martin Barrett, Sales Manager at Kasdon Electronics

Martin Barrett

Sales Manager

Tel: 07927 555197

Responsibilities: • Generate new business activity throughout several platforms
• Achieving growth and hitting planed sales targets
• Support current clients with their organic growth requirements
• Manage the company’s marketing strategy
• Develop and manage strong business relationships

Noel Garbett, Production Director at Kasdon Electronics

Noel Garbett

Production Director

Tel: 07956 974827

Responsibilities: • Overseeing the workforce in the production department
• Ensuring all employees follow industry standard health and safety guidelines
• Establishing workflow policies that enhance speed and efficiency without compromising product safety or integrity
• Ensuring that final product/s meets quality standards and customer specifications.
• Implements the IPC-A-610 standards across the business and provides internal training to a high level

Ryan Stockley, Projects Manager at Kasdon Electronics

Ryan Stockley

Technical Director

Tel: 07917 207470

Responsibilities: • Manage New Product Introductions in order to make transition to Kasdon as smooth as possible
• Assist with setting up customer specific functional test & mechanical build requirements
• Manage internal infrastructure projects
• Implementation of current and new IT infrastructure

Russell Lowke - Quality Manager at Kasdon Electronics

Russell Lowke

Quality Manager

Tel: 07562 948 156

Responsibilities: • Devise and establish quality procedures, standards and specifications.
• Review customer requirements and make sure they can be met.
• Monitor and review quality requirements from external suppliers.
• Set standards for quality and health and safety.
• Ensure manufacturing and production processes meet international and national standards.
• Define quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff.
• Set up and maintain controls and documentation procedures.
• Monitor KPI’s and produce statistical reports.
• Review existing policies and make suggestions for changes and improvements and how to implement them.
• Measure performance and identify any areas of weakness, recommending and implementing improvements
• Liaise with other managers and staff and provide training, tools and techniques to enable others to achieve quality standards
• Assess the effectiveness of changes made

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Ben Jervis

Production Engineer

Tel: 01902 606088

Responsibilities: • Supervising the manufacturing processes, ensuring quality work is done in a safe, efficient manner.
• Diagnosing problems in the production line and providing recommendations and training.
• Identifying, documenting, and reporting unsafe practices.
• Establishing safety procedures and protocols that take the workers’ well-being into account, and that also minimize the carbon footprint.
• IPC-A-610 train the trainer qualified.

Richard Stoner, Test Engineer at Kasdon Electronics

Richard Stoner

Test Engineer

Tel: 01902 606068

Responsibilities: • Provision of technical support to manufacturing test and production
• Daily maintenance, repair and operation of test rigs and equipment
• New product introduction
• Customer liaison
• Responsible for Production calibration and ESD precautions
• Fault diagnosis and repair production test failures
• Participation of NCR investigation and resulting preventative and
correction reports
• Good general awareness of factory H&S issues
• Modification and rework

Gary Everex, Quality Engineer at Kasdon Electronics

Gary Everex

Test Engineer

Tel: 01902 606068

Responsibilities: • Inspection, assembly, programming & test of PCB’s
• Data input of test results to customer specifications
• Fault diagnosis and repair of production test failures
• Root cause analysis of non-conforming products
• PCB modification and rework
• Provision of technical support to the production area
• Repair and maintenance of test equipment

Emma Rose, Accounts Mangager at Kasdon Electronics

Emma Rose

Accounts Manager

Tel: 01902 606068

Responsibilities: • Sales ledger processing and cash collection
• Purchase invoice processing and creditor payments
• Daily dispatch notes and courier tracking details

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