A day in the life of a PCB at Kasdon Electronics

Step 1: Quotation Stage

Once you have contacted Kasdon Electronics’ Sales Team and provided them with your specification requirements, we will begin the quotation stage and submit this for your approval.

Step 2: Purchase order receipt / Material procurement

On receipt of the purchase order this will be loaded into our ERP system in line with the client’s deliverables. Material ordering will be placed, and the job will be scheduled into our ERP system by our Production Planning Team.

Step 3: Ordering tooling and preparing the Kit ready for production

Our Production Engineering Team will fully understand what tooling is required in supporting the production processes. Our Logistics Team will start to pull together a kit of materials in line with the production start date.

Kasdons worldclass PCB manufacturing facility

Step 4: SMT / Through hole assembly / Inspection and test

Once the SMT Engineering Team receive the kit of material, they will start to program and set up the machinery. A first-off board is generated and checked against the client’s build pack, and approved by the Internal Quality Team. Once the first-off is approved, production will commence, and 100% of PCBs will go through a AOI or Flying Probe Inspection / Test Stage, fully built to the IPC-A-610 quality standards.

Step 5: Cleaning / Conformal Coating / Encapsulation / final PCB testing

Once the PCBs have been built and inspected there are other additional processings a PCB may go through. Kasdon can offer PCB board cleaning / conformal coating and encapsulation up to military specification. Once these additional processes are carried out the PCBs are again tested to the client’s specifications.

Step 6: Box Build Assembly and Final Test

If our clients need us to incorporate the PCB into a mechanical enclosure, Kasdon’s Production Engineering Team will carry out the full Box Build and Functional Test in line with the client’s requirements.

Step 7: Packaging and Transportation

Once the product has been built and tested it will make its way into our despatch area where the product will be packaged up in line with the client’s specification and despatched anywhere around the world.

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