Surface Mount Assembly Service – SMT

Due to the need for miniaturisation, many printed circuit boards now utilise surface mount technology (SMT). Kasdon Electronics is now into its twenty-first year of providing SMT assembly services to a wide range of industries and sectors.

Surface Mount Technology Production Line for Printed Circuit Boards

Prototype SMT Assembly Line

Kasdon Electronics offer absolute flexibility in its PCB assembly services. Surface mount technology (SMT) is not really a process that lends itself easily to low-volume PCB manufacture. However, Kasdon offers a dedicated prototype SMT assembly line and service, which means that we are able to offer a full production representative service for anything from a one-off project and upwards. The lead times start from one day and would normally be three days from the availability of the PCB and the full kit of parts for the prototype batches.

Production SMT Assembly Lines

As specialists in SMT technology, we currently offer 6 high-speed Juki SMT assembly lines which allow us to tailor our capacity to best meet your needs and requirements. We are capable of facilitating over 15 million component placements per month across these six PCB assembly lines. This allows us to effectively provide a great service that meets your assembly requirements, whether you need a few circuit boards assembled or a few thousand. With laser-guided placement and full vision systems, we can provide accurate placement of parts from 0201 to 50-millimetre square. These components include ball grid array (BGA), thin quad flat pack (TQFP), plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC) and many odd-form components.

All of our SMT assemblies’ benefit from “state of the art” IR reflow and they are all 100% AOI checked prior to further final assembly before shipment to our customers.

Surface Mount Technology Production Line for Printed Circuit BoardsOur Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Capabilities:

Our surface mount technology assembly capabilities can be summarised as follows:

  • Dedicated prototype SMT assembly line for a rapid route to market.
  • 6 High-Speed Juki SMT assembly lines for volume assembly.
  • Stencil size capacity from DEK 240 to DEK 249.
  • Component placement from 0201 to 50mm QFP using laser vision alignment.
  • Delivery from within 3 working days when necessary
  • Free issue kits or fully procured service.
  • Huge selection of stocked production-ready components.
  • 100% automated optical inspection (AOI) of all surface mount assembly
  • Advice on component availability and Leadtime Issues

For further information on our surface mount equipment available please contact us.

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