Kasdon Electronics are 46.1 billion light-years ahead of its competitors

Kasdon Electronics Ltd are proud to announce it has been chosen to supply PCBa to Sirio Antenne to support the SKA-Low Observatory project. SKAO are building the two largest radio telescopes arrays ever created, supported by institutions and facilities around the world.

Sirio Antenne is a global leader of developing high-quality antennas and have built a strong reputation in the antenna industry. They were handpicked to design, develop, and manufacture the futuristic antennas used with in the state-of-the-art SKA-Low observation product.

After an intensive, rigorous search for a UK partner to support Sirio Antenne with their PCBa requirements and following the successful results from the Prototyping build phase, Kasdon Electronics were chosen and awarded a 2-year contract to supply 180,000 PCBs.

The manufacture of Antenna PCBAs demonstrates that Kasdon will continue to ‘reach for the stars’ in its business development plans.

SkAO Membership Map 2023
Image courtesy of SKAO

SKAO’s mission is to build and operate cutting-edge radio telescopes to transform our understanding of the Universe and deliver benefits to society through global collaboration and innovation.
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“The SKAO Mission is a hugely prestigious development and Kasdon is very proud to have been chosen to support the project . The award of this contract further demonstrates our capability and the trust shown us by our expanding customer base.
We wish the mission well and look forward to being part of such an exciting venture.”

Steve Stockley, Kasdon Electronics Managing Director:

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