Quality Assurance – Test & Automated Optical Inspection

Kasdon is conscious that its reputation for high quality PCB assemblies needs to be continually maintained and enhanced. Our commitment to quality therefore is all encompassing throughout the business. Our staff are our finest asset and most of them have a wealth of PCB assembly experience gained over many years of service. We understand, however, that ongoing improvements are not only necessary but also vital to our continued success. To this end Kasdon staff undergo continuous “in-house” and external training to IPC 610 standard. Specific equipment training is regularly assessed and improved where necessary.

Our facility has attained ISO 9001:2015 certification as well as a number of customer specific approvals.

Why should you use this standard?
ISO 9001:2015:

  • Enables you to better align and integrate multiple management standards
  • Takes a risk-based approach, becoming a tool for preventive action
  • Moves away from prescriptive paperwork
  • Helps organizations of every kind to improve customer satisfaction and build a sustainable future

Our products are quite varied in how they are assured for quality before anything leaves for the customer. To this end we have a range of methods and systems used.

XRH Count X-ray component counter & PCB scanner

XRH Count X-ray component counter and PCB scanner

Kasdon Electronics have the facility to X-ray reeled components or sticks to ensure accurate counts are maintained of all components customer supplied or Kasdon purchased. The count of the parts is linked to our MRP system and is directly updated before and after batch build.

A barcode label is generated and applied to the components showing the count date. All within 2.5 seconds of the component being placed into the machine.

PCBs can also be X rayed with the XRH showing any soldering issues, PCB track or via issues or voids in solder. Using the XRH individual components can be X rayed to show wire bonding inside semiconductors for example to show any quality issues that may exist.

Flying Probe PCB Testing Machine

Flying Probe Machine:
APT-1400F Series 4 Head 6 Flying Probe System

Kasdon Electronics’ investment in flying probe technology means PCBs can be electrically tested without necessarily powering the PCB.

It offers a comprehensive test with a quality reliability of <99.99%.

Falcon Inline Automated Optical Inspection Machine

Falcon Inline Automated Optical Inspection

For larger batch assembly Kasdon employs two Falcon inline AOI. Made by the same company as Easy Vision  used for first offs. 

The Falcon enables operator less inspection of pcbs straight after reflow. 

The Falcon includes full 1D and 2D barcode reading if any pcbs fail AOI these are placed into magazines separately from passed pcbs. 

The fault is then read back from the bar code using off line inspection/ rework software. 

Also included on the Falcon is laser height measurement to ensure flatness of components.

Easy Vision Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System

Automated Optical Inspection / AOI

Kasdon employs British made (and indeed locally made) Easy Vision Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems for all surface mount assembly prior to passing onto the next stage of assembly. These systems allow us to perform:

  • First off checks to ensure validity of automated assembly programme.
  • Polarity and positional accuracy checks for all components.
  • Solder inspection & validation.
  • Statistical analysis of assembly defects to assist continuous improvement programme
  • Serial numbering and batch control.

Automated Functional Test

Assisted visual PCB testing by Kasdons skilled personnel

Test fixtures used can either be designed and manufactured by Kasdon in conjunction with our design team or supplied by our customers. They are a vital part of our QA strategy and allow us to check as much as possible the full validity of a product before it leaves us.

Assisted Visual Inspection

Not all products allow for the use of a full test. To this end we have highly skilled personnel using a range of Vision Engineering equipment i.e. Mantis, Lynx Microscopes etc. These allow us to perform detailed inspection for component accuracy and solder inspection.

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