PCB Testing with The Flying Probe

Flying Probe PCB Testing Machine

Kasdon Electronics’ investment in flying probe technology means PCBs can be electrically tested without necessarily powering the PCB. In some cases removing the requirement for a conventional bed‐of‐nails fixture whilst providing a wide variety of tests. Below are some of the tests that are possible:

  • Presence checks of components before any electrical test is carried out.
  • R,L,C measurement
  • Kelvin measurements
  • Diodes & Zener diodes measurement functions
  • Isolation Tests
  • Continuity test
  • Frequency measurements
  • IC Open test
  • LED Sensor (wave length and brightness) once powered

APT-1400F Series 4 Head 6 Flying Probe System

The Flying Probe Advanced Testing System at Kasdon Electronics
The TAKAYA APT-1400F is a next-generation flying probe test system which has unprecedented performance in terms of test speed, positioning accuracy and test coverage.
It offers a comprehensive test with a quality reliability of <99.99%.