Through-hole Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Conventional leaded components soldered through the PCB have been the mainstay of the electronics industry for many years, despite the continuing movement towards surface mount technology (SMT), miniaturisation and increased complexity, “Through-Hole” assembly still has a huge part to play, indeed even on predominantly surface mount assemblies there is usually an element of through hole components required.

through hole assembly

Kasdon has a vastly experienced workforce in hand assembly and hand soldering of components. In addition Kasdon can offer automated component insertion of both axial and radial components and automated dual wave flow solder.

Kasdon staff are trained to IPC 610 Standards and offer a consistently high quality standard. Inevitably with through-hole jobs there is an element of interpretation of the customers’ requirements and it is by attention to detail and careful recording of the specific requirements of each assembly that we are able to offer a consistently high quality product.

In addition to offering the all types of through-hole assembly, Kasdon also offers useful additional services for final finishing of the product. Conformal coating and complete PCB encapsulation (potting are both ‘in-house’ options).

rohs solderingA brief summary of our through-hole and associated PCB assembly services is as follows:

  • Hand Insertion of components
  • Hand soldering
  • Automate axial or radial insertion
  • Dual wave flow solder
  • RoHS soldering or ‘legacy’ assembly using tin lead solder
  • Use of high and low melting point solder
  • Prototype build to high volume assembly
  • Functional test and automated inspection
  • Conformal coating
  • PCB encapsulation (potting)
  • Device programming

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information on any of the above.