Industry Applications of our PCB Assembly Services

Carbon footprint

The internet of Things (IoT)

Kasdon are leading the way in supporting many global IOT OEMs with their connected devices and sensor build solutions. This incorporates smart connected low power sensors, wireless telemetry devices to help measure and reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

Electronic Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicles

Kasdon provides a full turnkey manufacture solution to several leading-edge electric vehicle OEMs for many applications including electric motorsport, electric vehicles, grid energy storage systems, leisure vehicles and commercial vehicles. These state-of-the-art battery management and charging systems are changing the world by achieving greener solutions on a global scale.

Car dashboard with illuminated panel

Automotive Industry

Dashboards, led lighting, flexible harnesses, engine management, dc motor speed controls

We have been heavily involved in domestic and race projects for the automotive industry ranging from bespoke transducers through to engine management systems, electric door mirrors, LED conversion lighting, dashboard and metering systems. We have been involved in designing cost out of circuits as quite often in these projects, the volumes are huge and cost is a major issue.

Medical Industry

Medical Industry

Sophisticated aerial boost systems for diagnostic imaging, blood sugar detection, heart monitors, blood monitors

Kasdon was started on the back of a large medical contract for blood sugar monitors and their consumable PCBS. Since then, we have been involved in lots of medical projects including aerials for diagnostic imaging where by we were able to work with the customer, to design out the problems caused by substrate interference with the signals. We have worked on heart monitors, blood analysers, and various other equipment, always giving priority to speed of completion and quality of work.

Military Tank


Highly sophisticated RF products, aerials, radar, hostile detection

We work closely with several defence companies who in turn work for the government. We are involved in hostility detection, security, vehicle protection, personnel protection, communications and directly for the FCO.

Runway lights guiding an aeroplane as it comes in to land

Lighting and Emergency Lighting

Low voltage LED lighting systems, walkway illumination, beacons, LED spotlights, road signs, exit signs

Kasdon has a vast experience of LED lighting for all applications including emergency low voltage and directional indication for emergency exits, walk ways on aircraft, ships etc. We manufacture lighting panels, bespoke designs for glitter ball type applications and general ambiance lighting.


Illuminated backboxes, road signs, commercial signs

Kasdon has been involved in LED from the very early days and built up a wealth of experience in assembling to the various substrates including metal backed, flexible panels and flexible tape. Some of the most recognised brand signage is illuminated by Kasdon panels. Kasdon make a lot of road signs, directional signs, factory lighting and have kept the flexibility to do one-off specials up to production volumes.

Scientific Instrumentation

Laboratory equipment, booster aerials for imaging, strain and stress gauges

This includes laboratory equipment, probes, analysis equipment, thermal imaging equipment, and ancillaries.

surface mount technology smt

Computers & Networking

Networking products, switching power supplies, protected power supplies, motherboards, memory interfaces

Kasdon manufacture PCBs for controlled power supplies, distribution of power, motherboards, daughter boards, interface boards, inline memory boards, solid state disc drive.


Aerials, booster amplifiers, mixing desks, RF devices, receivers, transmitters

Kasdon have been involved in the broadcasting industry for many years including transmitters, receivers, mixing desks, aerial technology and all support equipment.

Marine Instrumentation

Navigation systems, cathodic protection, low voltage lighting, navigation lights

Kasdon manufactured some of the largest PCBs for use on map plotting tables. Also, the radar systems for navigation as well as lighting both internal and external. Dashboards and the luxury accessories such as top quality music systems and video systems.

Building Protection

Cathodic protection systems, fire alarms, burglar alarms, smoke alarms, leak detection, beacons, safety lighting systems

Kasdon have several building protection customers. LED Beacons being the simplest as the beacon on Canary Wharf to sophisticated cathodic protection of the actual structure of the building. Also involved in integrated alarm systems which detect carbon monoxide, fire, heat, and intruders including CCTV systems.

Health and Safety

Warning buzzers, walkie talkies, gas detection, water leak detection

Kasdon works closely with the building trade to supply portable lighting, on site communications, alarms, light barriers and portable traffic controls.

Electronic Security

RFID devices, scanners

Kasdon has worked with some of the biggest names in security on door entry systems, RFID for exhibition security, electronic security and personnel security for the Olympic games. Tracking devices for both vehicles and personnel, surveillance equipment.

Audio devices hearing loop

Audio Devices

Hearing loops, amplifiers, transmitters receivers

Kasdon has manufactured hearing aid loops, amplifiers, booster stations.


Railway control systems, railway indication systems, internal and external railway lighting, electric vehicle control and charging systems, bus / train destination signs

Kasdon are involved with some of the biggest railway supply companies, including internal and external lighting, control systems, monitors, safety lights, dashboards and motor control systems. Lorry dashboards, power distribution for motor homes, LED lights.

Agriculture, cornfield


Electric fencing, tractor dashboards and lighting, irrigation control, hopper/silo control

Kasdon has manufactured irrigation control systems, light systems, controls for farm machinery, milking machine, auto feeders, silo discharge measuring, electric fencing power units.

Power Management

Power supplies, power distribution, control of power, speed control

Kasdon has manufactured switching power supplies, power distribution for both mobile homes and motor homes, protected supplies for computer banks.


Security for foreign and commonwealth office and associated projects

Kasdon works with the FCO on security.

Art and Design

Light shows permanent and portable, architectural lights, light balls for theatre and studio

Kasdon has been involved with various projects including snowdrop lighting for exhibition entrances, glow balls for rock concerts, flashing artistic back panels and various other electronic abstracts.


Card clock machines, door entry systems, personnel loggers

This has involved door entry systems, card swipe systems, and auto logging.


Educational toys, electronics building games, overhead projectors, screens, interactive white boards

Kasdon has been involved in manufacture of numerous educational toys including electronic design systems for classroom use and awareness toys for special needs.

Electric Fencing

Power boxes for electric fencing.

Retail Industry

Point of sale equipment, light boxes, led spotlights, led tape lights

Including moving displays, illuminated displays, point of sale displays, tills, card machines.

Industrial Instrumentation

Control systems, bespoke control systems, ammeters, volt meters, hoist systems, ramps

High power monitoring and distribution, control of generators, compressors, plating control panels.

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