Ryan Stockley (Kasdon’s Electronics Project Director) does his Stag Do in style…

Ryan’s “Stag do” was organised to military precision by his family and friends in secret, leading up to last weekend’s adventure. Driving for 11 hours from the Midlands (all on the A roads) they headed North to Newcastle upon Tyne and witnessed some breathtaking scenery and lovely people throughout their journey.   

On route to Newcastle, the Chicken Man (Steve Stockley) turned up too late for his interview at KFC… and also failed to release some of his friends from being held hostage…. Ha Ha Ha.

The team managed to complete the tiring 11 hour journey without any major pitfalls just in time for some light refreshments in Newcastle’s nightlife.        

Kasdon Electronics Raises £1300 for a fantastic charity Great Ormond Street:

So we all know Newcastle is great for a stag do… but check out this great bunch of lads we hosted at the weekend.

Ryan Stockley Stag Do Kasdon Electronics

They did a wacky races style journey up to us and needed help getting rid of the cars at this end. They kindly offered to give the cash from the scrap value to our charity Great Ormond Street Hospital and Children’s Charity; before they arrived they also had a company golf day which also raised some more money and even did a whip around for the charity on their route here!

Steve the organiser and father of the stag is officially a legend! Plus all the lads!!! They were a delight to look after, they all had a great time and all in all raised nearly £1300!!!!!

Please all say a big THANK YOU and all the best Stocko for your wedding. We wish you and your bride a happy life together.

Ryan Stockley Stag Do Kasdon Electronics

“I’ll get you, Penelope Pitstop” Well done Ryan, you looked stunning in those white boots…

Update Wednesday 4th August 2021:

Ryan Stockley last day at Kasdon Electronics before his wedding

Ryan’s final day at work before his big day this weekend.

On his Journey to happiness, his friends at Kasdon Electronics wish him and Sarah a happy life together…